Fresh Kenya Peas: We export the most nutritious and healthy peas from Kenya, sourced from smallholder farmers. Kenya is a hub for agricultural products, enabled by its suitable climate and fertile soils. If all you seek is fresh, well-rounded green Kenya peas, you have arrived at the right place.

Obtaining high-quality products is the desire of every individual or company. Hence, as a way of ensuring that people across the world are supplied with the best quality Kenya peas, we are here to meet your needs 

Peas in Kenya are produced for both consumption and export purposes. Snow peas, also referred to as sweet peas, are mainly produced for export purposes in Kenya. These snow peas are characterized by small seeds and flat edible pods and are harvested once seed formation starts.

The varieties of snow peas grown in Kenya and exported by our company include Mammoth melting sugar, Dwarf grey sugar, Oregon sugar,Snap peas,Chick peas,Pigeon peas,Green peas,Cow peas,Garden peas.